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Are Pokies Really Rigged?


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It’s not really special when we read or hear news about pokies ripping off casino players. The “rigging” of pokies has been an issue since the late 19th century. Most pokie machines in the USA before the ’70’s were considered rigged. It’s a given fact that these pokie games are fixed which earned their moniker as “games of chance”.

There are no laws and regulations when it comes to manufacturing pokies machines. This is the reason why there’s a notion that operators have taken advantage of fixing the machines. When we say fixing, it’s usually associated with tampering the pokie machines by giving the casino venue the house edge.

So are pokies machines rationally fixed to give equal advantages to the player and casino operator?

The Curious Pokies Case of Miss Guy

A number of casino players have considered filing legal action against casinos such as Crown and Aristocrat. Maurice Blackburn has complained that Aristocrat’s pokies are “unfair”. Another casino visitor, Shonica Guy lost a bundle by playing Aristocrat’s pokies machines at Crown Melbourne. Guy thought she had equal chances of winning, but found out that the pokies are rigged with tricky design features.

Pokies display combination of symbols across a machine’s five reels to win different payouts. One of the issues of complainants is that there’s an uneven number of symbols which distributed across the reels. This made Guy complained about the machine telling frequent wins yet winning is actually harder. She also said that pokies’ sound and graphics also entice people to keep on playing even if they are losing.

With this issue in mind, do you think it’s a rational complaint?

So Are Pokies Really Rigged?

Legal complaints against pokies are rooted in the notion that the machines fixed or rigged. But what does “rigged” exactly mean? A machine is considered rigged if it’s manipulated to operate differently from the way it was designed to operate. It sounds like a subjective reason, right? If you are a casino operator you wouldn’t tell a manufacturer to supply you with machines that give players the advantage. So the answer to this question is: pokies are rigged.

However, pokies are rigged to a certain extent. Remember that casinos are businesses and not charity houses. If they display pokies machines across their venue and make every player win everyday, the casino will eventually shut down. Casinos operate for a profit just like any other business.

Do you need to file a legal complaint when you don’t win playing pokies? You shouldn’t, why? Casinos are in the gambling business. Pokies are games of chance. It’s your choice to wager your money to win or lose. Keep in mind that pokies will not pay you to play them. It’s for you to get entertained when you win.

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