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Crown bet launches a new sports bet themed lottery known as Crown Lotto

Crown Lotto

CrownBet, the online sports betting division of Crown Resorts Limited, is now offering CrownLotto, which will give punters the chance to bet on the lottery. CrownBet allows punters to wager as if they were betting on a sporting event, instead of buying lotto tickets.

It seems Crown Resorts is following the foot steps of the lead forged by William Hill’s Planet Lottery, which launched a similar game in July 2017. William Hill’s game was offered in association with Lottoland, which has a history in offering bookmaker-style lottery betting.

In Australia several  other operators offer such gaming like the Tatt Lottery (The Lott), Powerball, and Oz Lotto  and offer similar wagers. Lottoland, which was launched in 2015, is the most successful among them. Crown Resorts hopes that  CrownLotto will cut into Lottoland’s $1 million in weekly revenues from such betting.

According to CrownLotto is setting its goal to attract younger customers who want to bet on international lottery draws, like Powerball and Mega Millions. When playing CrownLotto, punters would win jackpots and other prizes in the same way the person holding the lotto ticket would win. Crown’s game has been compared to online “lottery insurance” offered by services like TheLotter, but experts claim it has several major differences. The Lotter has an agent enter a lottery outlet and purchase tickets, though CrownLotto has no such transaction.

CrownBet and the International Lotteries

Crown Lotteries

CrownBet involves Australian punters in the international lottery associations. According to their spokesperson these products will meet the clear and growing customer demand that is driven by huge jackpots in overseas draws. Like the traditional lotteries, CrownLotto plans to donate a portion of its revenue to community causes. That follows the pattern of traditional lotto companies, which are required by Australian law to contribute to community causes. Unregulated lottery companies make no contributions to local social programs.

Australian National Sports Lottery might be the largest competitor

The largest competitor might be the Australian national government for Crownbet as the Australian federal government is considering the launch of a national sports lottery. Financial analysts believe such a game could raise an additional $50 million a year for the government. If such a game were created, it might be a natural competitor to CrownBet, because it would offer large jackpots in a less complicated or confusing form.

IGA 2016 Online Gambling Ban

If a new national lottery were created, it would come at a time when the Australian federal government is creating new laws to protect Aussie consumers from predatory gambling operators. Since November 2016, the Australian parliament approved a variety of measures collectively called the Internet Gambling Amendment (IGA) 2016 Bill. IGA 2016 bans all foreign online gambling operators, a decision most interpret as a protectionist policy for Australian gaming companies.

Politicians and bureaucrats have portrayed IGA 2016 as a measure to stop problem gambling. In fact, the bill is likely to create a large unregulated market, forcing Australian problem gamblers to engage in gaming activities in an underground economy. Meanwhile, the Australian government continues to expand its own gambling portfolio.

How would this lottery work?

CrownLotto gives you the chance to win millions by betting on the outcome of more than 30 of the world’s best lotteries including the US Power, US MegaMillions, EuroMillions and many more.

  • Sign up to CrownBet and Join in under two minutes or log in using your existing CrownBet account.
  • Bet on the world’s best lotteries by choosing your numbers or use Quick Picks option to place a bet on the draws of your choice.
  • When you bet with CrownLotto, you can win up to the whole Division One jackpot (up to $150m). If you’re the only CrownLotto customer with the correct combination you will win the entire Division One pool (up to $150m) regardless of the number of winners in the actual draw.
  • All amounts won up to $250,000 are paid out shortly after the official draws have been held. Winning bets that pay over $250,000 are paid into verified customer bank accounts within 21 days of the draw.

Remember as you are betting on the outcome of the lottery, not purchasing a ticket so after placing your bet on CrownLotto you will receive an order confirmation that includes your bet details and a Receipt Number.

Also South Australian residents are not permitted to bet on the outcome of lotteries.

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