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stock trading vs gambling
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Is Stock Trading Similar to Pokies Gambling?

stock trading vs gambling

Stock trading is a lucrative approach in earning millions like gambling does, but do the similarities end there?

Stock trading is a great investment if you know to play your cards right. Markets have been increasingly bearish and bulling throughout the year. It’s a matter of being analytical in terms of purchasing stocks and determining if it’s a good investment. Gambling analysts have said that sometimes it can be likened to your chances of winning millions playing pokies at a casino. Is investing in stock quite similar to a gambler’s trader approach in a casino?

A Matter of Risky Gambles and Smart Choices

There are a number of similarities when you buy stocks or wager money at a betting bookie. Both activities will require you to take risks and make smart choices to achieve great returns. Gamblers need to place some money to wager. There are two types of gamblers in a casino floor. First would be the recreational gambler, the other would be the gambler-trade.

The recreational gambler bets money, plays poker, or tries out pokie games just for the heck of it. This type of gambler is wagering money to be entertained and to feel good whenever he receives winnings. On the other hand, the gambler-trader type allocates a specific budget for his gambling itinerary. The gambler-trader means serious business when it comes to betting or playing pokies. His approach is more analytical; hence, he expects a certain outcome in terms of winnings.

If you decide to buy stocks as an investment, it would help to apply a gambler-trader mindset. This will enable you to determine the right choices in terms of stock purchasing. There are trading simulators found in casino halls that turn stock investing as form of entertainment as well.

Stock Investors Create Winning Strategies

Stock traders take risks just like gamblers. These risks are more analytical and fact-based in order to come up with a feasible strategy. There are risk management strategies that they apply to minimize apparent losses. In terms of gambling, it’s all about playing a game of chance without any analysis and fact-based strategies.

Smart stock traders are always looking for an advantage in maximizing their winning potentials. Stock traders have a more scientific approach compared to gamblers. They study data and analyse a feasible strategy to determine a decision. This is why every stock purchase already reflects the lucrative returns it will give to a trader.

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