Wild Chase: Tokyo Go- The New Pokies Game At Online Casinos

Tokyo Go

Wild Chase: Tokyo Go new pokies from Quickspin Gaming has now arrived at online casinos to play with real AUD or BTC. With a 3D look to the game and 2D implementation, Tokyo skyscrapers are the backdrop, with the reels in the center of the screen. The soundtrack for the game uses Japanese musical instruments to set the scene. When the game fires up, the sports car comes whirling around the corner to the center of the screen on the open highway. The police car chasing puts on its siren for a moment, but the music kicks in after the chase ensues. The reels setup of this pokies is a 3-3-4-4-5 layout with 5 reels and the RTP (return-to-player) is 96.54%.

The betting size

Tokyo go

At the start, there are 76 paylines, but when consecutive wins hit and the Super Respin feature begins, the number of paylines increases to 259. Players can start with the lowest bet of $0.20 per spin, and the highest bet available is $100.00. The maximum win is actually 275,700 coins, or 2,757 times the betting stake. At that minimum bet, the payouts for five of each symbol on a payline are:

  • Man with orange background = $0.50
  • Woman with green background = $0.50
  • Masked woman with blue background = $0.30
  • Female motorcycle officer = $0.30
  • Diamonds = $0.25
  • Gold bars = $0.25
  • Gold watch = $0.20
  • Silver ring = $0.20
  • Champagne bottle = $0.20


Wild chase pokies

There are several features to look for during play. One thing is the wild, which is the Wild Chase: Tokyo Go logo. It can substitute for any symbol. Then look for any winning combination on a payline. When that lights up, surrounded by diamond-lit squares, those winning symbols stick but move to the left one position, and a respin ensues for the rest of the board. If the respin adds to that payline, another respin starts. The respins only stop when no new symbols are added to the winning combination.

Wild chase tokyo go

As the wins add up, the reel grid increases, eventually turning into a 5×5 grid.

  • One respin = 90 ways to win
  • Two respins = 154 ways to win
  • Three respins = 164 ways to win
  • Four respins = 259 ways to win

Respin feature

The Super Respin is this game’s version of a bonus round. After the fourth winning respin, the car flips into high speed and the Super Respin begins. All winning symbols stay in place on the 5×5 grid, and the game continues to spin until no more additional winning symbols appear and also each respin pays.

Note that in this pokies game, there is no bonus round or free spins, but have frequency of respins. This is when the wins truly add up, and the excitement builds with every respin. You can play this pokies at any Australian friendly online casinos.

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AFL Clubs and Victorian Pubs in Australia gaining momentum to ban pokies play

In Australia, the AFL is gaining momentum to get out of pokies with multiple clubs already out of the business of driving further harm. Last year in 2018, Collingwood sold it’s two poker machine venues and Melbourne promised to exit completely by 2022. It is estimated that losses will be reduced by up to $20 million in 2019, across the remaining 14 AFL club-owned venues. The AFL has also launched “Project Fruity” to try and reduce pokies dependence.

In a recent survey it was found that AFL clubs reaped millions of dollars from pokies machines last year, as pokies losses in Victorian pubs and clubs swelled to $2.7 billion which is the second highest amount on record. The data from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulator saw that the losses hit the highest level in ten years, and the state’s poorest suburbs were over-represented.

Losses at Hawthorn’s venues were close to $25 million and the City of Brimbank   which covers St Albans, Sunshine and surrounding areas  topped the list at $143 million as the local government area with the greatest losses on pokies machines.

The $2.69 billion lost in the 2018/19 financial year is the second highest on record, after 2009. However it is only slightly (0.13 per cent) higher than last year, even with population growth and inflation is on the rise. The figures do not include more than 2500 pokies machines inside Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Over $77 million was lost in Pokies owned by Victorian AFL Clubs

The survey data also showed that more than $77 million was lost in pokies machines owned by Victorian AFL clubs during the year. Hawthorn had the greatest share making just under $24.7 million from its 165 machines at the West Waters Hotel in Caroline Springs and Vegas At Waverley Gardens, in Mulgrave. Hawthorn, along with Carlton (which took $17.8 million at its venues), Essendon ($11.1 million), Richmond ($5.3 million) and St Kilda ($2.3 million) were all recently handed new 20-year licences to operate the machines out to 2042. But they are coming under pressure on the controversial money makers, with all other Victorian clubs either exiting their poker machines or pledging to do so.

According to Anti-gambling campaigner Tim Costello pokies machines lead to the loss of “much more than money”. He added that in extreme cases, pokies machines cause the loss of lives due to suicide.

Pokies League ladder

Government wants Clubs to reduce their dependence on pokies

According to AFL commission chairman Richard Goyder Australian clubs wants to reduce their dependence on the gambling revenue. Collingwood got out this year selling its pokies venues – The Club in Melton and the Coach and Horses in Maroondah – late in calendar 2018. Those two venues took $12.9 million in losses across the full 2019 financial year.

  • Geelong, Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs have all pledged to get out of pokies, while North Melbourne has been pokies-free for a decade.
  • The Bulldogs took $5.8 million from Club Leeds in Footscray and the Peninsula Club in Dromana, while Geelong took $7 million from its Brook on Sneydes hotel in Point Cook, which it hopes to sell this year.
  • Melbourne sold its Leighoak Club early in the year, and made $2.8 million from its remaining venue, the Bentleigh Club in Glen Eira. The club will not renew it license on that club’s machines when it expires in 2022.

According to spokesman for Victorian Gaming Minister Marlene Kairouz, the goverment was tackling problem gambling by freezing the number of pokies across the state until 2042, capping the number of pokies in vulnerable areas and limiting EFTPOS withdrawals in venues.

The Epping Plaza Hotel was the venue in Victoria with the highest losses at $20.2 million, followed by Berwick Springs Hotel ($19.6 million), the Plough Hotel in Mill Park ($19.6 million), Kealba Hotel in Sunshine ($19.2 million), and Skyways Taverner in Airport West ($18.6 million). The VCGLR data also shows that the Casey, Greater Geelong , Greater Dandenong, Hume, Monash and Wyndham council areas all recorded losses of over $100 million.

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Toy pokies from M&M affecting kids are cause of concern

M&M is the toy making company that develops dispenser games similar to a pokies machines. Basically M&M are colourful button shaped chocolates each of which has the letter “m” printed in lower case on one side, consisting of a candy shell surrounding a filling which varies depending upon the variety of M&M’s.

M&M’s is the flagship product of the Mars Wrigley Confectionery division of Mars, Incorporated. The candy originated in the United States in 1941,, and M&M’s have been sold in over 100 countries since 2003.  Several M&Ms-themed video games have been created. The first was M&M’s The Lost Formulas, released on September 28, 2000.

The gaming machines that dispense M&M like pokies dispense coins now have raised an alarm from different people and organizations. In their own conscious, M&M had made an innovative product that could thrill children while they are playing but are quite similar to pokies machines.

M&M Toy Pokies

M&M jackpots

In this Toy pokies interesting game the kid matches pictures on the reels, it then spits out a handful of M&Ms. Like pokies it’s a game that can keep your child awake while having hours of fun. The machine costs $33 and it was marketed for children. The kids can enjoy the mouth watering chocos and have fun with the attractive sounds that the toy produces.

With this product, it’s no doubt that you and your child will have fun and great times. It’s amazing for the kids, to fill the dispenser with the juicy candies. They love watching the machine’s wheel roll once the arm is pulled, until all candies fall onto the plate below. Even better, when you insert batteries to the toy, you will see the red light in the top glowing colorfully. All these actions like pokies attract the kid.

Why M$M dispenser Toy is similar to pokies?

jackpot fruit machine

This game affect children in one way or another. As kids lack judgement at young age they do not know the good or bad. With this M&M dispensing product, they will just enjoy playing around with it without knowing if there are consequences.

Though kids enjoy toys or products that spin with attractive and playful colors and this toy is designed with an inviting color at the top that will be pretty cool to the child and they will spend hours playing with it. An addiction like pokies games at casinos.

The way it dispenses precise amounts of candy will attract his or her attention. When the child realizes that he/she only needs to open the back and load candies, they will be happy to always do just that. The child again will find pulling the arm and releasing candies quite an interesting exercise, and so he/she will just keep filling the machine and dispensing the candies. Again similar to keep on playing pokies to dispense coins.

Experts suggest that “this is a pokes-machine toy that will lure you in the harmful habit of gambling.”  As kids have copying strategies you should be careful with what you are doing about gambling. If a child notices that an adult can play a product similar to theirs, they may end up following. Worse, if the adult plays it to relieve boredom or stress, in the long run, they may copy that idea too. For instance, if you play to pay house bills, the child may believe that is the best way forward. So, the child may copy you in the future to see whether what they saw can help them out. That can drive them to gamble. But if the machine is used only for fun purposes, then there is no dangerous habit lurking.

Given that you do not intend to introduce gambling to your child, this M&M product can be a fantastic toy machine. Also, unless you like taking your child out to gamble with the real slot machines, this toy is good. The problem occurs when you intend to introduce gambling to your child. It can affect them emotionally. Many people who are introduced to gambling at a young age end up with problematic gambling.

Then the children like adult will experience conflicts due to lack of trust or finances. Also when they are exposed to conflicts, they may end up lacking problem-solving skills. So, teach your kids gambling can affect the way of life with their friends.

Thus such toys should be kept away from kids as long run consequences are harmful for the kid. On the other hand many parents believe that M&M dispensing candies is all about fun unless the kids is introduced to pokies or gambling machines. (Inputs from news sources)

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Real money Space Spins pokies launched by Microgaming

Microgaming the brand gaming developer has released an awesome real money pokies at online Australian friendly casinos on April 24th 2019. This new pokies is called Space Spins and comes with a 5×5 reel set together with 40 paylines. This types of reels are sci-fi themed and give you a high-energy level. It has encompassing visually rich graphics as well as entertaining gameplay mechanics.

Space Spins- Game Symbols

Space spins symbols

The reels are set on a different planet and you will come across plenty of aliens in their space ships. There is the standard Wild, which substitutes for all other symbols, and the expanding Star Wilds, Rocket Wilds and the Sun Wild. The Scatter appears only on reels 1, 3 and 5 and triggers the Free Spins features. The Astronaut is the regular symbol that pays the most, followed by the Blue Alien, Green Alien, the Red Planet and the Flying Saucer. J-A playing cards are used as low-paying symbols.

Betting options

Betting starts at $0.20 per spin and the biggest possible wager cannot go over $100 per single spin. If you like to sit back and explore the strange planet, activate up to 100 automatic spins in Autoplay. If you like to speed things up a bit, activate the Turbo mode.

Space Spins Pokie Features

Space spins pokies features

This interstellar game is jam-packed with a handful of amazing extra bonus features and payouts. It has three types of expanding reels, which include one reel two, three and four. With these three reels, the game becomes sticky when it comes to free spins.

The Rocket wilds expand vertically starting from the bottom to the top. The Shooting Star Wilds, on the other hand, expand horizontally starting from the left to the right side. And lastly, the Sunburst Wilds expands to the entire adjacent symbols.

The free spins symbols can be found on reels one, three and five. When you combine three such symbols, then you trigger eight free spins. Also the bonus features that the game has can be triggered with every spin from free spins or wilds. That means that you can win big from every spin of the reels.

You will only be required to spin to match symbols that have a blobby green alien. You understand the Sort. Floggy tongue, crazed googly eyes, and lurid green skin tone and he accompanies you well with a fellow in full spacesuit and one arm raised in salute as well as planet Saturn.

You’ll find more exciting wild symbols, a purple shooting star, a big fiery sunburst, and a rocket. The best thing is that these features are animated in their impressive way that will keep you in the edges of your chair while playing.

Payouts in the game

The Wilds offer the most, 7.5 times the bet for five of a kind. The maximum payout gamers can expect is set at 300 times the bet. The Astronaut is the highest-paying regular symbol, offering 5 times the bet for the maximum combination. Space Spins’ RTP is 95% and it doesn’t include multiplier.

Microgaming Deals with Electric Elephant Games

Space spin pokies

Microgaming had penned down a deal with one of the leading game development studios called Electric Elephant Games. The CEO at Electric Elephant Games, Ali Masterman, during the game’s launching said that Space Spins is set in the dark depths of the space hence delivering an intoxicating gameplay experience to the players with its vibrant visuals and entertaining game mechanics. He also added that the organization was proud to joins hands with Microgaming and they will continue offering them with amazing and exclusive games in the forthcoming months.

The Microgaming Chief Commercial Officer, Jean-Luc Ferriere expressed his pleasure for partnering with Electric Elephant Games and said that that his company is thrilled to partner with Electric Elephant Games and that they are confident enough that their relationship will enable them to skyrocket the gaming experience that will thrill their operators and players across the market.

You can play Space Spins real money pokies at any Microgaming powered online casino like Fair Go, Emu Casino or Mongoose Casino.

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Online betting legalized in Buenos Aires Argentina

Few days back Buenos Aires legalized online betting in Argentina. Maria Eugina Vidal, the Buenos Aires mayor, signed Decree 181 which legalises online casino games, sports betting, poker and horse racing gambling which was a momentous occasion for Argentina’s gambling industry is the understatement of the century. Decree 181 outlines that seven remote gaming licenses will be granted to bookmakers and gambling operators and their income will be taxed at 25%

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and with its own population of 16 million people, is bigger than many Latin American countries. While other smaller provinces within Argentina have legalised gambling, the move from the nation’s biggest economy will almost certainly lead to the majority of the country following suit.

The move by Vidal has been credited as another important step in restoring the nation’s flagging economy, that has taken more than 15 years to recover from its financial crisis of the early 2000s.

Argentina’s biggest soccer league, Superliga, is looking for a cut of any wagering made on the competition. Nicolás Russo, President of Lanús FC and a member of the AFA’s executive committee, mooted heavy lobbying ahead and said they won’t rule out taking forceful measures. It is not serious or fair to have betting on football matches and not pay the clubs a peso.

Decree 181/19 law authorizes the provision of online slots, casino games, lotteries and horse racing betting. While not specified, poker will presumably be covered by online casino games. It also allows for betting on non-sports events, as long as they are not of political nature.

In December 2018, following years of discussion, both the Argentinian city and province of Buenos Aires approved Decree 181 in the 2019 Budget. The decree was formally passed into provincial law last week, following its publication in the state gazette.

Licenses to Operators

Argentina casinos

The Province government will be able to grant up to seven licenses, —only one per licensee. Operators will have to register first to be able to apply. An evaluation committee will eventually decide whether to award a license, in accordance with 20 minimum requirements that operators will have to meet regarding experience, financial solvency, technical competence, data protection security and the number of events and sports, among others.

Licensed operators will have to pay around 25% of their proceeds to the Province’s tax authority, which will charge 15% as gross income tax, 8% as a tax levied according to each specific activity and 2% as a license fee. Although the issue sparked off a heated debate, the Province government was able to quiet down some opponents, including municipality mayors, by offering their jurisdictions a share of the proceeds. Municipalities will get 10% out of the 2% license fee.

The 2019 Tax Act will govern this gambling modality, and the Province’s executive branch will oversee this activity through the Buenos Aires Province Institute of Lotteries and Casinos (IPLyC in Spanish) and to that end, the government has created the Online Gaming Licenses Registry to keep a record of license holders.

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RSL Clubs in Australia to lessen their reliance for revenue on pokies only

Things seem to improve as people now understand the impact of pokies in their life. In a recent news it was found that young veterans are pushing for pokies reform in RSL clubs in Australia. The Returned and Services League (RSL) and licensed gaming go hand in hand, having the winds of change to blow for good of the people.

A growing population of younger veterans who believe RSL clubs need to dispense with poker machines and lessen their reliance on gaming revenue. Among those is Dave Petersen, a former artilleryman who served in Afghanistan and now acts as president of the Camberwell City RSL. Dave Petersen is  32 years of age, and is the youngest person in history to hold that rank at any RSL sub-branch in Victoria. Petersen leads the younger brigade of war vets who feel too many clubs have strayed from the league’s core values.

According to media reports in Melbourne he said that the problem with the big gaming clubs is that they’re focused on drawing in pokie players from the wider community, rather than on looking after veterans.  He added that Pokies, cheap parmas and pots for the general punter. That’s what these clubs are about and Younger vets look at these clubs and see nothing there for them.

What is RSL Australia?

Pokies in RSL

The Returned and Services League, Australia (RSL) is a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Force. The RSL’s mission is to ensure that programs are in place for the well-being, care, compensation and commemoration of serving and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependents; and promote Government and community awareness of the need for a secure, stable and progressive Australia

RSL Victoria embraced the legalisation of pokies machines in 1990, around the time veterans from the Vietnam war were rising to prominence within the organisation. Nowadays more than 50 of the state’s 250 RSL halls are licensed gaming venues, raking in more than $200 million a year through player losses. Only the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH), owned by Woolworths, runs a larger pokies operation in Victoria.

  • Woolies is now under pressure to ditch its gaming assets, while Coles recently offloaded more than 300 machines with the sale of the Spirit Hotels chain.
  • Melbourne’s major sporting clubs are also under the spotlight, with Collingwood, Geelong and several more AFL clubs divesting themselves of their pokies interests in the past year.
  • Similar questions are now being asked of the RSL, and Petersen believes the organisation can flourish without the one-armed bandits.

Petersen see no reason to believe that poker machines provide benefits to veterans that cannot be provided in other ways. Petersen is one of several younger members who will stand for leadership positions at the RSL state conference in July.

Playing Pokies at RSL

Pokies in Australian Clubs

It is not only playing the pokies at Australian RSL clubs but also offers a nice place to have a casual meal, a drink with friends, hire a function room, watch some sport on the screens. The clubs based in Australia’s major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are visited by lots of people. Families, men, and women, people old and young go to RSL clubs these days to see live entertainment, have a meal and drinks, or attend social events. 

When you go to a licenses RSL club in Australia, you are supporting a community. Most of these clubs work on a membership basis, but you are usually guaranteed entry as a person from the general public, just by just showing your ID proof.

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Five fantastic new pokies released lately by gaming brands to play at online casinos

There are so many pokies that are launched each month by top gaming providers but few pokies are just fantastic. Here are to mention five such pokies games that sound just wonderful.

Cai Shen Dao

Cai Shan new pokies

SA Gaming has released new pokies game that supports flawless transition between portrait and landscape orientations on mobile version! The pokies features Cai Shen, the Chinese god of money and wealth. The game is a 3×5-reel pokies with 243 ways to win. 

Hot Hand

Hot hand pokies

Hot Hand pokies was launched by Rival is a classic 3-reel pokies with 5-lines of action. Hot Hand is a scorching hot 3-reel pokies, starring she-devil Burnadette as your steamy and sultry host. Featuring 5 win lines, and fiery versions of classic symbols, Hot Hand is sure to fire you up. There are scorching suit symbols like hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. There’s also blazing bells, combustible cherries, glowing gems, sizzling 7’s, and Burnadette herself.



Conan is new pokies from NetEnt that will introduce an exciting new character. The mythical hero, who has been the subject of numerous films, books, comics and video and board games, will be given a makeover by NetEnt to fit in with its much-loved, inimitable style.

The sword and sorcery-themed game will boost NetEnt’s renowned portfolio of player-favorite branded titles that encompasses a range of genres, including world-famous film and television brands. Conan is a character and a brand with a fantastic history and legions of fans all over the world.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy pokies

Ozzy Osbourne is another NetEnt pokies set to extend its branded game hall of fame with the addition of its latest blockbuster music-themed title.  The deal was brokered by Ozzy Osbourne’s merchandising and brand management partner, Global Merchandising Services.

Living legend Ozzy Osbourne, who has sold more than 100m albums as a solo artist and the lead vocalist in Black Sabbath. Osbourne, known as The Prince of Darkness, first rose to prominence with heavy metal band Black Sabbath in the 1970s and has remained one of the world’s most iconic musicians ever since. Ozzy expanded his fanbase after appearing as himself in reality TV sensation, The Osbournes, alongside wife Sharon and children Kelly and Jack.


Cubee pokies

Cubee is another fantastic pokies game lately released by RTG Asia . You will love trying this new games with unusual variations beyond the standard symbols and reels. Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure is no doubt one of RTG Asia’s most original and unusual game as the cuddly Cubee travels through time, eating energy balls and literally beating Rocco to move to the next Age. Every “spin” of this high volatility game pulls eight floating symbols from the time vortex, which builds Cubee’s energy level, taking him from the Stone Age to the Viking Age, where collecting bows and arrows will turn into free spins, and then into the Age or Piracy, when collecting cannons will turn into multipliers, while you repeatedly beat the energy out the cyclopic Rocco. Bring the adorable Cubee back home to Cubeeland, and you’ll cash in on those free spins and multipliers.

But with up to 50,000x your bet “per line”, this is a fun new take on pokies and is an adventure through time that can pay off big!


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Two new pokies released in January 2019 at friendly online casinos to play for fun or with real money

New pokies

Many new pokies will be released this new year from top gaming providers and will be available to play for fun or to play with real money in 2019. At the start of the year in January 2019, two new pokies has been released which are now launched at many online friendly casinos.

Gemtastic Pokies

Gemtastic pokies

Red tiger gaming launched a new pokies game called Gemtastic pokies offering players a six-reel, 5-row gaming experience. The title has 30 paylines with a high volatility and hit rate. The max win is 10,000x the bet, offering players a nice payday with the top prize.

When spinning the reels you  will find that the game stays in line with the gem theme, featuring red, green, yellow, blue and purple gums on the reels. Small and large gems are offered on the reels with certain symbols activating the special features of the game.

This new online pokies includes Mega Gems, Magic Glow and the Lava Multiplier, all of which help players to feel more immersed in gameplay. Players will find the smaller gemstones have the low values while the larger gemstones are the high-value symbol. The rainbow colored symbol with a large W is the Wild symbol in the game.

You can enjoy this new pokies game even on your mobile or smartphone instantly without any download.

Note that Red Tiger gaming has also signed a supply deal with EveryMatrix Ltd, a B2B software solutions provider based in Malta. With the new agreement, the portfolio of Red Tiger Gaming will be made available to EveryMatrix via CasinoEngine, the iGaming Integration Platform of the developer.

Raging Rex Pokies

Raging Rex pokies

 Raging Rex pokies has been released by Play n Go gaming company featuring dinosaurs that roamed the earth, including the triceratops, Parasaurolophus and the velociraptor. The T-Rex, the mightiest dinosaur of all, rules the reels in this game, moving across the terrain in search of hidden treasures. As players spin the reels, the dinosaur will turn into the Raging Rex, set to enter Rampage Mode and take on the reels as a powerful monster.

This online pokies features a bonus spin mode, which allows you to choose two prehistoric features. With the bonus spins, players can choose to try the Primal Rage version or the Wild Hunt. Play n Go gaming company also has set up new deals with gaming developers and announced a new partnership with Softgamings, set to work with the company to provide their gaming content across the Latvian gaming platform developer’s portfolio to online casino gaming operators.

Besides these pokies be prepared for some wonderful pokies to play and enjoy in 2019.

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Eight casinos that are superb pokies planet on the web to play games with real AUD in 2019

Eight casinos that are superb pokies planet on the web to play games with real AUD in 2019

Pokies planet is full of awesome pokies games and there is no doubt in it. Because the casinos that cater to it are offering over 1000 wonderful pokies right from classic to the new, 3D to 3 Reels, 5 reels to the progressives with so many features loaded in them that every punter just wants to visit these superb casinos and play pokies with real AUD. Here we bring to you from our pick list the top rated eight casinos that are Aussie friendly, accept AUD and BTC to play pokies in real time, also offer free pokies if you wish not to take risk, are legit to play with 24.7 help support even on mobile.

This means you only need to take your gaming device be it PC, mobile or tablet and play instant pokies of your choice without any worry right from Australia.

These pokies and casino games come with the coolest tweaks and the simplest strategies that work best for you. Also enjoy live casinos, table games, lottery games like Bingo and Keno, sports betting and much more.

1. Emu Casino

Emu Casino AUD

 Emu Casino is fully licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming and offers over 1000 pokies to play even on mobile. All the games are built in HTML5 meaning they can be played on most smart phones and mobile devices as well as the latest mobile software  even which no longer supports Flash as default.

As a welcome bonus you are offered AU$300 triple bonus. On your first deposit get a 100% match on any deposit up to $100, you’ll be able to play with a maximum of $200 total. You can play here with real AUD.

Click here to play now

2. Fair Go Casino

Fair Go casino to play pokies in AUD

Fair Go casino is a new casino which was launched in 2017. This legit casino is owned by Deckmedia N.V. and licensed by Curacao Gaming Commission and is perfect Aussie friendly casino and you can play pokies here with real AUD or BTC.

With over 150 pokies powered by RTG software you will love this pokies planet. On joining as new player you are awarded $1000 as welcome bonus.

Click here to visit the casino now

3. Mongoose Casino

Mongoose casino

Mongoose Casino is another online casino with 500 pokies games to play on any gaming device. You needn’t download anything as the pokies can be enjoyed instantly. If players use their casino URL on a mobile or tablet device, it automatically redirects you to their mobile website. Mongoose Casino’s HTML5 works in all common forms of mobile which support common software on any mobile as well.

As a new player you get a bonus on your first deposit of up to $200 and get a 100% match bonus of up to $200. Make a deposit with AUD or BTC

Click here to join now

4. Rich Casino

Rich casino pokies planet

Rich casino is well reputed online casino that accepts Aussies to play and entertain themselves with outstanding 1000 pokies with top rated software providers. Also enjoy sports betting, binary stocks, live casinos and more.

Rich casino offers 25 free spins on pokies games when you enter to play as a new player and triple your first deposit with 200% bonus when you sign up for the first time.

You can make a deposit with AUD or BTC and play instant pokies.

Click here to play at Rich Casino

5. Slotland casino

Slotland Casino pokies planet

Slotland is another pokies planet as a casino to play pokies in real time. It is all pokies here with so many new pokies released each month to enjoy. You can access real time pokies machines by making deposits in Bitcoins in this friendly casino.  This is a legit casino registered by the Government of Anjouan and offers welcome bonus of $100 free on every $1,000 deposit. You can deposit with BTC to play pokies whenever and where ever you want.

Click here to read the full review

6. 7 Reels Casino

7 reels new pokies games

7 reels casino founded in 2008 is licensed by the Government of Curacao. This pokies planet offers over 200 pokies to play in real time as well as various table games and live casino. The pokies here are powered by Rival software, Betsoft, Visionary iGaming and Pariplay software giving you a wide choice to select pokies to play.

As a new player you get 25 free spins and you will be awarded 200% to triple your first deposit. When you make a second deposit you are offered 100% match bonus and this continues till your fourth deposit. But on your fifth deposit you are offered 175% match bonus which is really cool. This casino accepts AUD and BTC to play pokies.

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7. Winward Casino

Winward casino

Winward casino offers wonderful pokies as the casino boosts of over hundred pokies that come from outstanding gaming providers like Parlay, Rival, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play and Visionary I Gaming. Winward casino is a legit casino to play as it is licensed by the Government of Curacao and thus offers fair and responsible gaming.  Like the above casino it also offers 25 free spins to players as no deposit and then you get welcome bonus that is divided into five deposit match bonuses and special 400% Bitcoin Bonus on your first three deposits which is really appreciated by players.

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8. BitStarz Casino
Bitstarz online casino

BitStarz has over 850 pokies games, including live dealers and 3D pokies even to play with your mobile in Bitcoin. The casino is licensed in Curacao and operated by Nabelse Holdings Limited.

When you first sign up you get 20 free spins as no deposit bonus and when you make your first deposit you get 100% bonus up to $100 or 1 BTC. In the Pokies Wars bonus you get $1000 & 250 free spins where you can take part in weekly pokies wars races. Deposit in Aussie friendly mode in real AUD or BTC and get going in this pokies planet.

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Finally remember that all these casinos can be played instantly on your any gaming device and you needn’t download anything. Also these casinos accept AUD which is friendly gesture for Aussie punters to play pokies in 2019.

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Pokies in Australian states – Wyndham plans for more pokies where as Geelong had a record loss from pokies play

Pokies in Australia

Recently Wyndham council slams state plans for more poker machine as the Victorian government’s plan to increase the number of poker machines in Wyndham has not gone down well with the local council.

According to State Gaming Minister Marlene Kairouz new gaming entitlements from 2022 onwards would allow for 80 new pokies at venues in Tarneit, Truganina and Point Cook. That would bring the total of electronic gaming machines in the region up to 983.

This decision has met with stern opposition from local officials who believe the state government has tried to sneak one through the back door. According to councillor Josh Gilligan, the fact that it has been so quietly revealed in the lead-up to a state election is deeply disappointing. Wyndham already has more than 900 pokies machines that have taken a daunting $105.5 million from the residents’ pockets in 2017-18 alone.

The social harm caused by gambling is well known, with research showing that areas with limited access to pokies have fewer instances of family violence, among other issues. The major parties need to face up to record levels of gambling harm and show communities how they intend to address this problem.”

Note that gambling reforms introduced 12 months ago put Wyndham under a partial regional cap of 638 gaming machines in Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Laverton North, Manor Lakes, Werribee, Williams Landing and Wyndham Vale.

Certain areas of the city fall outside that cap, however, the government spokesperson believes that the new pokies were not coming into high-risk zones for problem gambling.

Record pokies loss at Geelong

Pokies in Geelong

On the other hand despite anti-gambling and slur campaigns to curb problem gambling, losses on poker machines in Geelong continue to hit record numbers. The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation revealed the figures in its expenditure statistics that whopping $10.1 million was lost of punters money in the month of September 2018 which means a daily average of $336,740 and the highest ever amount lost in September. This is the fourth consecutive month Geelong has broken its monthly record and losses are estimated to hit an all-time high of $127 million in the 2018/19 financial year.

According to the director of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Tim Costello, the new figures give the local council enough reasons to oppose Geelong RSL’s decision to increase by 30 the number of gaming machines in its Belmont venue.

Pokies in Geelong

Geelong has the most pokies,  pokies venues of any Victorian council and the losses are only getting worse, so it is time for radical reforms to address these harms given that Australians spend more on gambling than any other country and Geelong’s per capita losses are above the Victorian average.

Last month the City of Greater Geelong agreed to invest around $8000 to hire external legal counsel to battle the RSL’s decision to increase its poker machines from 42 to 72. The move, according to Councillor Sarah Mansfield, would afford the city the opportunity block the licences. (with inputs from news sources)


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