Interesting Facts About Pokies. And Why You Should Know Them

Do you love playing pokies? We all love to play pokies, here are some interesting facts to know.

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There is a wide array of game in the Australian casino sector. Games are always available to play both online and casino-based versions. While mobile games are increasing in popularity, casino-based pokies are enticing players by combining the latest games with dining discounts and entertainment. If you intend to play big in an Australia-based casino, then you have to familiarise yourself with the requirements in order to have an exciting and profitable gaming experience.

Here are some juicy facts about pokies in Australia:

1.) A reform for pokies to be regulated is gaining popularity. 74% agree that players should be limited to a certain amount to spend before they begin gambling. 70% of people feel that the industry should be strictly moderated.

2.) Poker machines are profitable. Clubs and hotels will make an A$56,000 per year and can even make up to A$200,000.

3.) 30% of Australian adults play at least once a year. 4% of that play on a weekly basis is estimated to lose an average of A$7000 to A$8000 per year.

4.) In Australia, there are a total of 196,900 pokies and counting. 95,000+ in NSW, 28,800+ in Victoria, and 46,000+ in Queensland. In other countries like Canada and New Zealand, there are 97,000+ and 16,000+ respectively

5.) Australia carries the most pokies for every person in any country with one machine for every 114 players.

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While these facts are positive, negative, or neutral, the minimum payout percentage providers should comply with is 87%. As a player, this is good since the average RTP is 91% that increases your chances of winning.

 Aside from that, the Australian casino industry is doing well compared to the US casino industry. The Australian casino industry is more developed and has high demand which creates more jobs for everyone in the country.